Review Essendon - Essendon's drafting since 1998 under Adrian Dodoro


Oct 5, 2013
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Is Dodo right or is he just being unnecessarily difficult?

Whether or not you think clubs should be allowed to talk to players under contract, it obviously happens league wide as players/clubs want to shore up their futures early rather than a mad rush during trade week only.

As a list manager himself, Dodoro would know this and there's zero doubt he would also talk to contracted players at other clubs during the season. Directly or indirectly.

Tensions are rising between clubs on day one of the Telstra AFL Trade Period, a couple of list managers clashing over club conduct.

Hawks list manager Graham Wright has hit out at Essendon list boss Adrian Dodoro's suggestion that clubs shouldn't meet with players from other teams during the season.

Asked if he had an issue with opposition clubs (read: Sydney) meeting with players (read: Daniher) halfway through the year, Dodoro didn't mince his words on Trade Radio this morning. "Personally, I do."

Wright made his feelings clear, calling Dodoro's stance "immature and silly". Oof.
Not sure the world is quite ready for Essendon people to be lecturing about ethics.

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Oct 8, 2019
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It’s a bit misleading looking at the last 14 years without context. You need to consider the unique challenges he faced.

Dodoro’s effort since 2000 was to rebuild a list post Sheedy. That era was to bear fruit in that period from around 2011 onwards however we all know what happened in 2012 and the subsequent distractions throughout 2012-6, turmoil and in part breaking away of that group towards 2015-6.

Whilst sort of pointless, add back Ryder, Hibberd, Carslile to that side.

Then you need to consider Dodoro had to work with many lost draft picks due to penalties. He lost the clubs first and second round picks in 2013 and the first rounder in 2014.. This as a result took away his ability to trade players in and out of the club.. So with the loss of three experienced and valuable players, the loss of crucial picks and ability to trade, he has really been fighting with an arm behind his back.... despite the limitations he’s made the most of his selections.

2013 - Merritt (26), Fantasia (55), Ambrose (rookie draft). Brilliant haul with limited low picks
2014 - Langford, Laverde, Mc Kernan (rookie) and Mc Kenna (rookie). A great haul. Laverde will be a very good player once / if can get past injuries.
2015 - Parish, Francis, Redman, Tippa (rookie). All of these are on track for good - great careers.
2016 - Mc Grath, Ridley, Draper (rookie). Draper young tuck developing well, Ridley very talented but physically raw still.

Then he’s trading well which goes without saying....

He has done a very good job in a general sense since 2013 if you Look at it. Any list manage makes the odd blue but Dodoro has done very well.

All in all you can see why he’s highly respected. Under the circumstances he’s doing a great job. This current Essendon list is without doubt the most promising since that 2000 period.

Everything points to a strong era as long as current development continues to plan (1) and another strong midfielder is traded in over the next two years (2) as key milestones.

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Jun 11, 2007
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Im coming around to the idea of Dougal Howard. Still only 23, 199cm/95kg KPD.
Yeah. As good as our defence depth is, it won't last long.

Hooker is coming up on needing replacing
Hurley won't be long after.

Every chance we have to pull a significant rebuild off.

Forward line is shot with our two best leaving
Ruck depth is non-existent
Key posts in defence aren't spring chickens
Midfield is out of balance.


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Jan 27, 2008
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In times of need, the great man has stepped up and filled the entertainment breach.

What a Man.


List Manager....

Executive Board Member....

Deal Maker....

October Hero......

and now

Podcast Soother to the Nation.

I may have to visit the depths of the Dark Web ( for this rare treat. Deep appreciation to Bonce for the heads up.

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