Game Day Essendon v Richmond at Windy Hill 17/8 LIVE STREAM


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B: 43. D. Eggmolesse-Smith, 42. R. Garthwaite, 33. K. Mcintosh

HB: 37. C. Menadue, 38. N. Balta, 28. F. Turner

C: 32. L. English, 26. R. Collier-Dawkins, 45. P. Naish

HF: 39. J. Aarts, 36. C. Moore, 7. D. Butler

F: 31. O. Markov, 46. B. Miller, 16. M. Weller

R:40. C. Coleman-Jones, 50. M. Pickett, 21. J. Townsend

Int: 54. J. Ballard, 71. N. Baltas, 53. H. Beasley, 79. W. Coates, 78. D. Coffield, 56. B. Grewar, 58. C. Harris, 51. S. Morris, 64. T. Silvestro, 55. L. Street, 60. C. Thompson,
23P: 66. B. Henderson

Last H&A game for the VFL side with 19 currently named. With top spot locked away it will be interesting to see how they play. Does McRae take the chance to try a few things or stick with the trusted set ups and structures.
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Feb 4, 2008
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Amazing similarities. 1974....2019, both years with a 19 in them. VFL match at Windy Hill, Essendon v Richmond 1974, VFL match at Windy Hill 2019, Essendon v Richmond. Essendon were s**t in 1974 and we were supreme. Essendon are s**t in 2019 and we are supreme. Stuff Alan Noonan, Barry Grinter, John Cassin, Des Tuddenham, Robert Shaw, sniping thug Simon Madden, well he didn't play but he did have the temerity to be on their list at the time, Ken Fletcher, the list goes on. Graeme Moss, Max Crow. Sheryl Crow is tougher than him. And their filthy kicking fitness advisor and support crew including the local police.

It is time we took revenge. Go the knuckle Tigers, maul them, we don't take that rubbish from them. We have a direct link too, our courageous skipper Morro's father did a sensational thing back on that day when he emerged from our race at half time with a bucket of water and tipped it over their rabid supporters. And what a pack of lunatics they were. And the venue, do not talk to me about Windy Heap. What a shytesite. Even a self respecting blowfly wouldn't be seen dead there if you dumped a pile of manure...what am I saying, the toilet of a place is a pile of manure.

I say if it even looks black and red or looks like it supports the filth, we bury it. All supporters please take a bucket of water with you.

Tigers by 57 in the footy.

Tigers by 157 in the fights.


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May 15, 2017
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we could win this by 100+ easy

the players might take it a bit easier with 1st place locked up though. i guess there's still some seniors spots up for grabs

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