Game Day Essendon v Richmond at Windy Hill 17/8 LIVE STREAM

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Charlie Pannam

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Aug 15, 2015
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Just watched this game on YouTube for those interested in having a look.

CJ excellent again has had a great 2nd half of the year really since Soldo went into the 1s his game has gone to a new level. Lovely contested mark in the forward pocket during the 2ndQ and then converted from outside the boundary. Ruvked really well and excellent at ground level. Move over Nank and Soldo this guy will be our no1 ruck next year imo.

RCD 3rd good game in a row it’s starting to click!! some very good clearance work today
Balta- has had a great year and continues to impress. Forward and ruck/mid today, a couple of snags just a typical energetic Balta game.

Nice games from Naish and Menadue too were best 6
Kmac solid down back but not knocking the door down.

Pickett a bit quieter today across hb

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May 7, 2009
melbourne, australia
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Take away any players bag of tricks and they drop a cog or two.
He's a premiership player, deserves respect even though he probably won't be with us next year.
He doesn't have a bag of tricks. His trick was his pace. That's gone and he's become a lazy plodder.
That's his problem. You need more than 1 trick at afl level. His main trick has vanished

Phar Ace

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Feb 9, 2017
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Where did they play Pickett?
He started and played the whole last quarter in the midfield. Only had one really nice passage of play, where he set up RCD on the boundary line, who stepped inside a player beautifully, long handball to Mena's for a quality goal. Did some little stuff, but didn;t seem to be 'tuned in" today for mine, sat too far off the contest I thought, whether by design or not hard to tell because it had little effect.


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May 8, 2007
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Henderson (no 66) our 23rd player looked really good and had some important touches across hb and in the middle in Q4. Could be one to keep an eye on.
I liked in the last few minutes when the game was still in the ballance, he coughed a mark up under pressure on the hbf, just inexperience probably, but had the composure to follow up and win the contested possession and drive it forward.

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