Science/Environment Eugenics. Can it be done?

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Oct 23, 2014
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The Olympics started a week or so ago and since then I've been admiring the discipline and fitness of these athletes more and more. This Olympiad in particular has really resonated with me, presumably because they've been a shining light in the midst of the pandemic. They inspired me to run more and improve on my own fitness.

Naturally all of this got me to thinking about eugenics. Australia is per capita amongst the most obese nations on Earth, and this affects life expectancy, fertility, and probably many other aspects of our lives. It would be great if we could phase this out.

Obviously the benefits would be tremendous if we were a country of superhumans, but of course I'm also aware that historically this idea has ended in catastrophe at least once that I can think of.

Then again it's possible some people gave it a bad name, and perhaps it is possible to create a cruelty free society of accelerated genetic advancement, or at worst a mild dystopia as seen in Gattaca or Blade Runner.

Some parents are already warned about how their genes could interact if they both have a family history of X, so we're at least some way along this road already.

Do we dare to keep going?


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Sep 15, 2007
I don't know
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Not can it be done but how quickly.

anti aging, smarter, happier, longer orgasms, removing anxiety, better digestion systems, less fragile necks.

The sky is the limit and it’s all happening in the next couple of hundred years.

what we will end up with is a new species that will be far more distinct from current humans Then what monkeys are.

we really are in the last days of the human race and only nuclear catastrophe could stop it.

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