European Crusaders seek Aus based players for 2017 International Cup


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Jan 5, 2012
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The European Crusaders are looking to send teams to this year's International Cup, both men's and women's squads and they are hoping to find some Australian based players who want to join.

The European Crusaders are made up of players from European Countries that are not represented as individual nations at the IC17.

I'm putting this here in the hope that you may know of some players in your local leagues that are eligible and interested. If so get them to follow the above link and fill out the expression of interest form, or contact Slava Belov from the St. Petersburg Cats

They are after both men and women. To be eligible they must meet the following criteria:
- A player qualifies for their country by being a citizen and by having lived predominantly in that country between the ages of 10 and 16.
- Be preferably but not exclusively from a country not sending an individual team to this year's International Cup.

There are also new eligibilty rules this year that state. “Each squad must have no more than 12 players who are based in Australia at the time of submitting team lists and that of those 12 players, the squad has no more than 3 players who have played Australian Football for 5 or more consecutive years in Australia (including the 2017 season) leading into IC17.”

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