Expansion poll - how many of you would drop the eagles / dockers and go for your old wafl clubs if yours were upgraded

Would you leave the eagles / dockers for your wafl club if it went into the afl

  • Yes

    Votes: 8 8.9%
  • No

    Votes: 49 54.4%
  • Im too young for the wafl

    Votes: 33 36.7%

  • Total voters

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Plucked from the Amos
Sep 12, 2013
15 min water taxi from Optus
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
Gunners Lakers Scorcher Claremont
Unashamed I would be back at Claremont. They were competing against the best when the old mid-week night competition was on.

Despite so many of the Claremont crew being poached to start up the Dockers, it never occurred to change to the Dockers. Crickey, that would require me to travel south of the river!!!!


Norm Smith Medallist
Jun 5, 2004
AFL Club
West Coast
My old man and his old man are/were Perth supporters. I supported them by default. Given they haven't made a GF since 78 and I was born 79, not sure why my dad hasn't topped me by now... seems all too much of a coincidence.

I'd not support them, though. Eagles all the way. Was never attached to the WAFL and was the perfect age to just be captured by the AFL and Eagles as they were establishing themselves. Even when the Beagles play Perth in the WAFL, I get annoyed when Perth win. :p Demons are just my preferred WAFL side but overall it's Eagles for me.

I reckon if the Eagles no longer existed I'd lose interest. Maybe follow results when it sprung to mind, watch the odd game. But much like every other sport I don't really have a horse in the race, so I have no passion for watching them.

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Jul 25, 2007
Burswood Casino
AFL Club
West Coast
Other Teams
SA Spurs, Dallas Cowboys
Im pretty sure fandom all around the world is moving away from "supporting the laundry" given the increased professionalisation of sports compared to a time in the 70s and 80s where sporting teams all around the globe where more products of their city or area (be that WAFL/VFL clubs or European football teams).

If the Eagles were disbanded tomorrow I would still watch the sport and the league as much as I do now, but probably support my fantasy teams/bets more than any individual team. Or find individuals to support instead (as a lot of people already do in the NBA by being fans of LeBron, Curry, Harden etc....)

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