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May 10, 2016
AFL Club

We've just had the okay from Chief to grow our merry band of moderators by 1.

So If you're keen to jump onboard and join the dark side by becoming one of us then we'd love to hear from you.

Moderator Role
We are looking for people who regularly post and spend time on the Adelaide board.

Policing the rules is the most basic level of moderator responsibility however the 'community building' aspects of the role are as or more important:
- Helping to make the forum an interesting, fun and inclusive place
- Help new users settle in and make them feel welcome
- Interest in board activities and games (tipping, fantasy, other competitions)
- Setting a good example and showing leadership through your own participation on the forum

If you have some interest in the role or have questions please reply in this thread or you can contact myself, Drugs Are Bad Mackay? , Deaneus! or brucetiki by private message. Posters can also nominate people they think would be effective in the role.

We don't get to make the final decision - that is up to the admin - but we have a say in who we would prefer and we would like to see who is interested.

We'll keep this thread open for nominations until Monday 5th of April 2021


Relapse, Drugs Are Bad Mackay?, Deaneus and Brucetiki
I would like to take it up to give life bans to a select group who offer nothing positive on this board but unfortunately I am too busy at present. Would start with Sanders closely followed by Vader, Mutineer, Mego Red. This board would be greatly enhanced without those campaigners.
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Dirty Bird

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Aug 1, 2010
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#BostonStrong #RiseUp
Very droll...

No thanks. I quite enjoy having the boards Class 1 Grade A Idiots on ignore, a luxury which is not afforded to moderators.
are you using the term droll as an adjective or a noun.

I had to google the meaning and Im here going if Vader's saying it as an adjective, that's cool. If Vaders saying it as a noun. He better give me a good reason not to report him.
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