F1 Championship - Round 20 - Brazilian Grand Prix


May 24, 2008
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Max is still an immature kid, most of us act like a *******s at various times around that age. Like I said, if he grows out of it I think he will be ok compared to “praise the lord, my best mate is Bieber” Hamilton or Vettel who has never really lost the attitude Max has now when the chips are down.
You can not grow out of what Max has, he has been brainwashed from a very early age to believe he is better then anyone else and they should all bow down as thou he was a god or something. Lewis is the same only difference being Max likes to crash into anyone/everyone expecting they should move out of the way and gift him the position while lewis whinges at the slightest little issue as though it is the end of the world.


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Mar 20, 2007
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West Coast
I still find myself hoping for the best with Verstappen, because his good driving moments are beyond what most on the grid are capable of.

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