Family & Relationships Family and day care arrangements - seeking advice.

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Apr 26, 2008
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West Coast
Hi all, I'm really seeking advice and any thoughts on this complicated family matter would be greatly appreciated.

I currently have a 10 month old son who will be attending day care in a few weeks. My wife will be returning back to work 3 days. We decided that spending 2 of those days in day care (we have been told babies need more then one day a week to adapt to the environment) and 1 day with my mother in law would be the best option to provide him with stability and routine.

Unfortunately this leaves my mum without a specific day of her own and she isn't coping. I have tried to offer her a weeknight visit, priority when the wife and I head out somewhere and some weekend visits but she is demanding the exact same arrangements as my mother in law. She has been angry at me and stopped talking to me for over a week now.

What are everyone's thoughts on this? Am I being an unfair and ungrateful son? Is it too selfish? Or is it a perfectly reasonable routine? Thanks.

Halloween Jack

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Aug 13, 2013
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Seems reasonable, and is exactly what we do with our 18 month old little guy. Routine is what they need.

Question though, why did you decide to give the mother in law a regular day and your mum not? With us, it was simply that my Mum's health is not great, and she could not handle looking after a kid on her own for an hour, let alone a full day. So she has no issue at all, and we visit her or she us when she can.

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