Famous SUNS fans

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Chicken Twisty Epicurean
Oct 28, 2009
The Whore Tree
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Gold Coast
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Coney Island Warriors
Courtney Hancock is one, as is Tom Tate. As is Anna Bligh

Ron Clarke was one when he was alive.

surely Amanda Abate and Sally Pearson are suns fans?! What about gc radio presenters like Spida?

Does Amy Shark and Malcolm Turnbull count? Both seen with suns gear on
I think Ron Clarke was part of the initial push to get the Gold Coast side going.

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Club Legend
May 27, 2013
AFL Club
Gold Coast
Just saw this on the GC Bulletin website. Beautiful.

Obviously Jesinta supports Buddy (and the Swans) at the moment but she'll always be a Gold Coast girl at heart and I even heard her once say she tried to convince Bud to join us at one stage haha.

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