Media Fan favourite rattled after lack of post-game well wishes for the rest of the season


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League legend Headless was reportedly emotionally shaken late last week in the wake of a post-game ritual scandal.

Starting their 23rd season, the two-time All-Sweet FA representative has become accustomed to thanking the opposition at the end of the week, and wishing them well for the rest of the season.

"Yeah, even if it's been a terrible week of posting and we got smashed by the sim, it just shows I'm a pleasant sort of person," they said today.

"I've come to expect it from the opposition, too - and when it doesn't come, it's emotionally jarring."

The Demons last week hosted the Warriors, who notched up their second victory in as many weeks.

"Don't get me wrong - I enjoyed playing the Warriors," Headless continued without being asked. "Much more than I've enjoyed playing the Furies or the Dragons. But they really let themselves down post-game."


Check out some of these selfish, SELFISH posts from Warriors post-game:

NOTE: I wrote this thread before actually checking to see what the sentiment was. Turns out almost every Warriors poster thanked us for the week. This is definitely not #landfill material, though. Cheers.
Wow your only a two time SFA rep.

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Really makes you think, doesn't it?

If only literally anything I did this season came into consideration. Oh well, here's to playing in a position metaphorically spat at by committee season after season.
So you want the virtual to mean something literal?

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