Fantastic opening songs from debut albums

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two blue tiger

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Aug 19, 2009
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You get the album by a new band and play the first song - then it's "wow, this is going to be good".

I'll start with a couple from the 80's.

Band - U2
Debut Album - Boy
First Song On Album : I Will Follow

Band - The Smiths
Debut Album - The Smiths
First Song On Album : Reel Around The Fountain



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Nov 7, 2003
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Sticking with the 80s:

Phil Collins.
Debut Album - Face Value
First song - In the Air tonight

I’m not a big Phil Collins fan (my older brother loved him), but that’s a damn epic way to start your discography.

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Sep 15, 2011
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Pearl Jam
Debut Album - Ten
First song - Once
Really strong track that highlights the sound and Eddie Vedder's voice that became their trademark.

Gang of Youths
Debut Album - The Positions
First song - Vital Signs
Brilliant track with lots of different sound elements (a siren in the background at one point is played to great effect) and all the pain and angst that continues through the album.


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Sep 6, 2015
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Pelicans, Perf Wildcats
Band: Smashing Pumpkins
Album: Siamese Dream
Opening Track: Cherub Rock

Really cool intro/build up then the wall of noise hits about 20 seconds in. Sets the tone for a great album.

Gish was their debut

Pearl Jam
Debut Album - Ten
First song - Once
Really strong track that highlights the sound and Eddie Vedder's voice that became their trademark.
Ha, came to post this.

How bout

Dead Letter Circus - Here We Divide
Silverchair - Israel's Son
Karnivool - COTE

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La Dispute

La Dispute
Jul 14, 2005
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This whole album is so good, I don't think any songs really standout as such but this a perfect opener. That mathy breakdown and towards the end of the song is so interesting, and his screams are fantastic.

This whole stanza:

Precious, precious silver and gold and pearls in oyster's flesh
Drop down we two to serve and pray to love
Born again from the rhythm, screaming down from heaven
Ageless, ageless, I'm there in your arms

Sounds like something Jim Morrison would come up with, and sits at the point in a number of great Doors songs they'd come up with some stream-of-consciousness off-kilter verse.

Norwegian Blue

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Aug 31, 2012
Pining for the fjords
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******* stupid game
I came here to post that one. That riff, the rhythm kicking in and then Axl's opening line: just incredible.


The band: Led Zeppelin
The album: Led Zeppelin
The song: Good Times Bad Times

From the opening riff, you're given a taste of everything they can do. And it's going to be good.

The band: Black Sabbath
The album: Black Sabbath
The song: Black Sabbath

OK, not their best song. But you now know what heavy is and you're given a hint of better things to come.

The band: Steel Panther
The album: Feel the Steel
The song: Death to all but Metal

The opening line "fu** the Goo Goo Dolls, they can suck my balls" tells you everything you need to know about Steel Panther.

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