Toast Farewell Schoey - Good luck

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 14, 2011
AFL Club
You mean where he was presented with two targets and didn't hit either of them, forcing Buddy to go into beastmode to avoid squandering the opportunity?

One thing I won't miss is how ludicrously every remotely half-decent thing Schoenmakers ever did was talked up on this forum. Blatant over-compensation for the countless times he coughed up goals, and now the same thing happens with Tim O'Brien. Open the other eye guys.
Give it a ******* rest, this is thread to show appreciation for a retiring player not to continuing hang sh*t on them

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Norm Smith Medallist
Oct 17, 2011
AFL Club
This pretty much sums Schoey up. Heart and sould type player that was often unfairly targeted by some. Remember my main feeling after the 2015 GF was just joy that he got a medal. Was well deserved and am so happy that he managed to cement a legacy at the Hawks during that 2015 finals series.

When this happened I knew we were winning the GF, don't know what it was about it specifically but I was like Schoey isn't losing this game.

Also in 08 when the national anthem played before the GF seeing our boys arm in arm & the cats just standing next to eachother, I knew we were winning.


Brownlow Medallist
Apr 18, 2011
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Six decades of domination
Been a Schoey fan from day 1. Wasn't easy defending him to the hilt (right or wrong it matters not) throughout his career but the pay off in 2015 to see him finally fully embraced by the Hawthorn faithful made it all worth it.

Premiership medal makes you a bonafide Hawthorn champ in my books. Great clubman. Went when it was his turn. Played a role he wasn't made for. Didn't sulk. Just did his ******* business and now he has a Premiership medal.

Had him in my Normie votes for the 2015 GF. Was massive.

The Chad and I

Nov 13, 2018
AFL Club
Bloody loved the big Schoe. On a hiding to nothing being drafted as a highly rated forward and being plonked down back and expected to contain the big gorillas from almost day one of his career. We kept hearing how he was going to cost us a flag in 2012 and yet he was one of the more admirable performers on the day. Was starting to show some real promise in early 2013 before his ACL.

Underrated as a forward - I felt our forward structure was always more steady when he was up there in the post-Buddy era. I always wonder what he could have become had he played forward from the beginning rather than being given the whipping boy duties down back.

Was superb in the 2015 granny and earned his premiership medal on the day.

A couple of times bigger money offers came his way but he always stuck loyal.

Will never understand how people pour sh*t on him. He is a bloody brilliant Hawthown clubman and I'm glad he gets to retire a premiership Hawk.

Thanks for all the endeavour, Schoey!
Great post.
He was made to play out of position and he copped it.
Got injured during the 3-peat - missing 2 flags - and he just got on with it.
Received bigger offers to go elsewhere, but he stayed until the end, probably cut his career by a couple of years.

Great character and club man.
So happy for him that he played in 2015 GF, and played so bloody well too - AS A FORWARD!!!


Premium Gold
Sep 21, 2005
Under the Southern Star
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Green Bay Packers
Best of luck to Schoey in his next endeavour and join the others in thanking him for his service to the HFC. (Well done to Hawthorn for giving Schoey his own day rather than lumping his retirement in with the rest of the delistings yesterday.)

I remember seeing him in his first AFL game in Round 1 @ the G versus Geelong. Boy he looked slow. 1 kick, 1 mark, and a couple of handballs to start his career.
I also remember seeing his marvellous performance in the 2015 Grand Final and choose to remember that one when thinking back of Schoey. He showed what he could do when fit and playing in his correct positon.


All Australian
Apr 22, 2014
AFL Club
A loyal team player. Never deserved the criticism he received. We will never know the player he could have been due to injury. As others have said he did received a much deserved Premiership Medallion in 2015.
All the very best Shoey.

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Premiership Player
Mar 21, 2017
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I remember back in 2011-12 when the Schoey bashing was at its highest ebb, I turned to my good mate one day and said “ I hope he gets a flag before he’s career is over “ and then FFRWD to 2015!!! And Bang!! He wasn’t just riding shotgun either, was immense in our 3 finals as he straighten us up with his underrated work rate to grab the premiership in 2015! If his body had held up , he would STILL be our prime CHF! Well done Schoey, all the best on your endeavours post footy.


Premiership Player
Oct 15, 2014
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Sell the team Dolan
Thanks Ryan.

Always liked having the lad around more so missus bumps she was a fan and didn't mind, see Ryan gave her an appetite and I was where she came to eat.
Not hard to like the guy really.


Make me an Admin!
Sep 13, 2000
Melbourne cricket ground. Australia
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Schoey got lots of extra fans because he was maligned in soem quarters. He got extra cheers for doing bog standard stuff. Still a great hawk clubmen and a premiership hero

In 2015 just before the finals he was out there for box hill and was just running around not getting too intense in the game. Youd have thought he was a million miles from a premiership hero.
Looking back it was obvious his instructions were to get some kms into his legs. He was to be a mobile tall option if needed. His physicality was a given. He always played his role
I believe suckling was sub for the grand final and hartung just missed out

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