Analysis Father Son Selections

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Oct 6, 2002
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Melbourne..VICTORY, Leeds
Seeings as BRG93 isn't around to update the list goodcop badcop suggested making a new thread. Mods can you close the older thread so we don't have two going at once? Also anyine can feel free to tell me amend any names or draft dates on the list by tagging me and I'll do it as soon as possible.

Eligible Father/Sons

Rhylee West - (2018 Draft)
Joshua Kellett - (2019 Draft)
Oliver Liberatore (2019 Draft)
Tyler Kolyniuk (2019 Draft)
Daniel Romero (2019 Draft)
Ewan MacPherson (2020 Draft)
Sam Darcy - (2021 Draft)
Cooper West - (2021 Draft)
Kobi West - (2021 Draft)
Kyan Eagleton - (2022 Draft)
Mitchell Croft - (2022 Draft)
Jordan Croft - (2022 Draft)
Tom Garlick - (2023 Draft)
Max Darcy - (2023 Draft)
Jack Johnson - (2023 Draft)
Harry Cameron - (2024 Draft)
Lukas Eagleton - (2025 Draft)
Jaxon Cooney - (2025 Draft)
Oliver Grant - (2025 Draft)
Jarvis Murphy - (2025 Draft)
Cohen Lake - (2025 Draft)
Sonny Garlick - (2025 Draft)
Riley Morris - (2026 Draft)
Zakaria Daniel Mark Southern (2028 Draft)
Charlie Morris (2029 Draft)
Malachy Picken - (2030 Draft)
Jack Cameron - (2030 Draft)
Levi Hahn (2030 Draft)
Otis Giansiracusa - (2030 Draft)
Tyler Cross - (2030 Draft)
Jude Brown - (2031 Draft)
Miller Kretiuk - (2034 Draft)
James Boyd - (2034 Draft)
doggies40 said:

I dont know if you guys already know this, but dimma has become a father to a new son, ky or kai i dont know how he spelt it was born on tuesday.
There really must be something in the water at the club :D :D .

[From Aug 2003]

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Jun 17, 2009
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And we thought English needed to bulk up... Luke was pretty solid though, hopefully has similar genes.
And David (Height:188 cm Weight:83 kg) begat Luke
And Luke (Height:197 cm Weight:100 kg) begat Samuel and Max ...

In the 60s David Darcy was our full back and a good size for one in those days. Today he'd be an medium-tall midfielder. Will be interesting to see how big Sam and Max get.
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