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Jun 14, 2012
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The Grifter - Serpents Kiss watermelon pilsner. this was weird af tbh, the beer itself was nothing special and the clear watermelon aftertaste was just odd. i wouldnt say it was good but i'd try it again as it did my head in a little bit tbh.
HOPE - west coast IPA - would get again, decent.
HOPE - fka mango sour - good as well. limited batch so probs wont see them again
3 Ravens - juicy NEIPA - alright. pretty inoffensive tbh. dont think i rate any 3 Ravens beers ive tried.
Nine Fingers - Smoke on the Porter nitro, idk really im only just sussing out what porters are
Barossa Brewing - Coffee Chocolate Stout - yeah not bad, lot of coffee in it. nice though.
Six String - Double Dark Red IPA - was into this, tasty

tried ton of others last month at a few breweries but honestly forgot most of them, the ones above were all in the fridge at home im slowly making my way through

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Sep 23, 2016
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If you're in Perth, new bar and bottleshop Besk is outstanding!

I went there for the F&F opening and their selection of natty wine and beer is exceptional.

I managed to pick up a couple magnums of the Wildflower 2018 collector series (which must've come from the Wildflower cellar and rare as hen's teeth); Picked up the 'WB' Pinot Noir 2018 and the St Phoebe 2018.

Also recently had the 2018 Cantillon Nath; let it sit for a bit, open up and drink around 12* and the rhubarb really shines through. Also opened up a 2016 Vignerone; outstanding and will let the other two bottles age for a number of years; the closest beer i've tried that's close to being an orange wine.

The Jester King Super Ultramega Hyperforce was interesting but failed to live up the expectation. Definitely got the salt and sweetness from the cantelope (although very little of the fruit flavour) and the tarragon was missing. Wouldn't buy again.

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