Food, Drink & Dining Out Favourite Beer II

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Enjoying the Hahn Super Dry in cans at the moment. Full size 375ml cans, same price.

Must be a summer thing. Catching blue swimmer crabs, cooking, eating crabs with an ice cold can from the esky :thumbsu:

Also partial to a schofferhofer wheat beer. Watching the test cricket.
Schofferhofer is phenomenal

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Hey guys, I intend to post in here more than I currently do, so I hope this doesn't come across as cheap advertising.

I'm part of a podcast that focuses on craft beer and footy. We've started to separate the topics thought when it became apparent not everybody who loves one loves the other.

Please find below links to our special beer focused episodes. We were fortunate enough to be able to interview Larry from AKASHA Brewing on a special tap takeover evening at The Goods Shed in Wodonga.

Our new Beercast series will be available weekly, with this weeks edition focusing on beers from Mountain Culture, Black Hops and Yak Creek Distillery.


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About to be living/studying in London for 4 months. Any English beer recommendations?
The range of beers in the U.K let alone London has gone nuts over the last few decades. Probably best to check the CAMRA website for some suggestions. There should be some beer festivals around during your stay as well. It's not that difficult to find a beer nerd who will point you in the right place i.e a pub that has good beer and knows how to look after it.
If the cost of pints in pubs in London gets too much the supermarkets normally do some really good deals and have some decent beers. Just don't stuff them in the fridge for hours , you can cool them down a bit but get them super cold and it kills the taste.
Try some mild beers , underated and have gone out of fashion a bit but seem to be making a comeback.
Anyone switched to drinking light beers?

Never considered it until now, but I think given how much I like to drink it makes sense to chug 10 lights rather than 6 IPA’s in a session.

Extend the period of feeling tipsy.

Surely allows you to start drinking earlier in the day too.
Honestly I'm a simple man but it's hard to look past Carlton Dry these days. Just ticks all the right boxes for me.
There's nothing wrong a dozen or more of these for a good drinking time.

If I'm being selective for some drinks at home, yes I will be more picky, but in social occasions where drinking is a means to an end rather than a journey, yep, Carlton Dry is a fine selection.

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Doin't drink that ***** Fosters.

As a general rule - always go for the hand pumps. That's the local.
Snakebites are as deliciously disgusting as they sound. Probably the best way to drink Fosters.
Have always been stock standard Dry, Draught or VB. Usually wouldn't touch anything else. But have dabbled in low carb or mid strength recently. Pure blonde not greater Hahn Superdry low carb or ultra low carb no good at all. Now I'm just not worrying about low carb but am still going to be mid strength going forward. Mainly due to affects drinking is having on me in a social setting which never really used to be the case. Anyway Great Northern Supercrisp is what I'm on now when I do decide to social with beer. Can't complain. Interested what others thoughts are on great Northerns supercrisp?

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