Win Prizes Fight MND - big FREEZE 10 - Picture with a Beanie, win BIG !!

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Greetings everyone. In this the 10th year of the FIGHT MND events, buy yourself a Beanie and post a photo of yourself wearing it here.

You can pixxellate your face, reveal your true identity, take a photo of the back of your head, or any photo with your 10th Fight MND beanie to win a 12 month Big Footy Premium Membership (or get it extended), thanks to the infinite wisdom of Chief .

Every poster gets a badge, too:


Your photo must comply with all other BF rules, go and read them if you have any doubts.

If you'd prefer to just dontate your hard-earned moola and dont have the head shape for a beanie, just do that!!

The winner will be determined by a very clever panel of judges on the day of the Big Freeze!

Beanies here: plus lots of ways to donate to this worthy cause...

or just go to Bunnings or Coles to get your beanie. Be the envy of all the non-beanies everywhere.

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Well I thought there'd be motre interest, but the winner is Feraligatr

Chief please award the badges and the major prize.

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