Competition FINAL WEEK - Inter-Aussie Football Cup - Week 24 - Berlin, Germany

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Aug 4, 2012
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And we're back for the final week!
Here's your last chance to grab a team before the cup starts!



Originally proposed as a competition for giving randomly generated Australian suburbs a new team to enter the AFL in 2021
With potential complications with other leagues eg. NAFL, this has become an international cup in an attempt to prevent design/location coincidences.
The idea is to make a design that's worth competing in a league for it might be the one that represents the chosen team when the knockouts start

In short, this is a normal weekly competition that will turn into a knockout cup at the end.
With the help of random generators, each week a completely random location in Australia or the world will be given a spot in the IAFC
They will be given a random set of colours (depending on the random generators) and your job is to give that place kits to compete in


Generated Place and Colours
Berlin, Germany

Rules (Updated 5/10/21 11:40AM) New rules underlined
  1. Entries may consist of just a Home jumper
    1. The usual Home and Clash entries are still allowed
    2. Maximum of 3 kits is allowed (eg. Home, Away, Clash OR Home, Clash, Heritage etc.)
    3. Just the front of the jumpers is acceptable
    4. Shorts and Socks are optional
  2. Entries must include the provided League logo. (Click for full res)

    Note: The league logo may have a stroke, but the colours are not to be altered, to keep an even league look
  3. Minimum of 2 colours from the palette must be used for the Home jumper
    1. No limit to how many more you can use
    2. You can use any colour (in the palette or not) predominantly, as long as 2 from the palette above is being used
    3. The other kits can use any colours (in the palette or not)
  4. Team names are chosen by the designer
    1. AFL team nicknames are allowed but it is encouraged that you use a completely new name for that bit of uniqueness
  5. Logos are optional
    1. It is highly encouraged that you provide a logo to round out the club’s identity
    2. You can edit an existing logo (even if ripped straight from Google images) or creating one from scratch.
  6. You cannot copy any past/present designs from the current AFL clubs
    1. E.g. Your team can have the same stripes arrangement as North Melbourne, but the colours cannot be the same
    2. Taking and changing elements are allowed
  7. Default Team Rule - If there's only 1 entrant within 1 week, they will take the team by default
    1. If the competition runner is the only entrant, the poll will commence as soon as there's a second entry from another user
    2. If there are 0 entries after a week, the competition will extend until 2 entries are submitted
  8. Maximum 2 Entries
  9. Any other questions, please ask

After a 7 days, the entries will be polled against each other for 2 days and the winner will see their entry take their place in the knockout cup after 32 teams have been made. There will be 16 Australian teams and 16 international teams. Once one side reaches 16 teams, the coin toss will no longer be needed. Users can have an unlimited amount of teams. Hope this will push others into competing!
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