Game Day Finals Week One: Brisbane Lions vs Richmond Tigers @ The Gabba, Friday Oct 2, 7:50pm

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Sep 14, 2006
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Edit: I disclaim bad uses of MS Paint, this was posted in my name without my knowledge...

Edit: You are free to do as you will with the OP. As I said in the mods board, please update the OP with game info. - Chief.
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3KZ is Football

Jun 17, 2008
In the grandstand at the Brunswick St. Oval
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If we win this, it will give the boys enormous self belief to go all the way.
If we win tonight, we send Richmond into the Port Adelaide side of the finals draw and they need to play them in Adelaide in the Preliminary if they win their Semi-Final. That is a massive handicap. Winning tonight means we avoid the same fate. Instead we get a home Preliminary and a home Grand Final. We can do this!!

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Nov 27, 2006
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It’s not officially game day until Sausages has mulled up, punched a couple of cones and given the day his imprimatur with one of his uplifting posts. Come on man! We are waiting.

Come on mate it would be way to early for sausages ! He won't be out of bed for a few hours I'm guessing.


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Feb 1, 2016
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Wouldn't mind seeing Robbo line Dusty up at the first bounce with a nice hip and shoulder (legally of course, we want the best players out there, which is why in a way I'm disappointed Lynch isn't out there).

Yes, granted it might fire Dusty up, but it also might fire us up too, and will let him and the rest of the Richmond team know that he's actually in for a game tonight as opposed to the last however many, where he seems to just do whatever he likes against us.

We need to do something different with him, otherwise you may as well give him his 25 & 4 goals now.
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