Finishing 17th or 18th - your preference?

Finish 17th or 18th?

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Mar 21, 2014
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Norwood, Canadiens, Maroons.
Pick 1.
It’s better currency. For whatever strange pick downgrading Hamish cooks up.

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Apr 19, 2018
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So given we lose to Richmond and North Lose to WCE, even if we lose in a close game, WCE need to win by 80+ points. Not sure of the highest margin this year but I don't think it's 80+. Very unlikely that we don't win the spoon. Yipee
mate they lost by 66 points to the (then) 13th based team last week, in what was one of the most pathetic displays i have had the misfortune to watch in many years


Brownlow Medallist
Sep 19, 2007
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West Adelaide
The imperative to avoid the spoon is silly old AFC mentality stuff that we need to get past. Premierships are all that matter. You're either taking steps towards your next premiership, or you're doing nothing.

We've been a club that's hung its hat on false accomplishments for too long. 'years making the finals' when we werent contending. Years without a wooden spoon. That's led to us being a club that really is only going to be thought about in terms of 'years since last premiership'.

Teams that are winning premierships don't think back with pain on their wooden spoons. Teams that don't win premierships don't feel good at the end of the day.
Yeah, I think you make a really good point, however it is a really interesting philosophical debate whether avoiding the ignominy of the wooden spoon out weighs benefits from a drafting perspective, which are marginal, but more to the point, does it in fact set our club free from its desire or need to, at seemingly all costs, always be "competitive".

The harder aspect to the question is the one that currently AFC and PAFC are the only 2 clubs to never have "won" a wooden spoon. Us getting the wooden spoon leaves PAFC as the only club not to. But at the end of the day, how much does this matter? Especially in a year which will be heavily asterisked. The next point is, its worth noting that North haven't won a wooden spoon since 1972, Hawthorn 1965 and Geelong 1958. To take it a step further, Sydney's last wooden spoon was 1994, prior to Port entering the competition.

Its a nice stat, but winning premiership is far more important. What is probably a far more important stat is that 11 different teams have won premierships since we last won one, there are 6 teams whom haven't won one in that period. Fremantle, Carlton, Melbourne, St Kilda, Gold Coast and GWS. That is the company we keep. It is not the company we should keep.

Ours is a proud club, but this has developed into sheer arrogance and pig-headedness, lead by a board of bankers more worried about the bottom line than premierships it seems. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom, before you can genuinely improve.

My concern would be, if we beat Richmond and work our way off the bottom of the ladder, suddenly this late season revival could become a bit of a false dawn. Suddenly the sweeping changes identified are second guessed, suddenly we believe we're further along than we are.

Having said that, the players should go out to win and if we do come 17th, then that's great! It'd be great to knock off those overly self entitled Richmond so and so's.

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