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FJGD's European-based footy design league, FIRA, is back for 2019 with both the league and cup competitions. The league competition will see FJGD's best battle it out in a 16 team league competition with finals following the 15 round regular season. The 16 league teams will come from the top 4 from last season as well as 12 teams winning their way in through the qualifiers (This is subject to change based on turnout). The FIRA cup will see all teams & bonus cup sides play off in a knockout tournament with the top two sides battling it out as a curtain raiser to the FIRA League grand final in the last week of the season.


Each designer is tasked with designing an Original club logo (no recolours, this applies to guernsey art too), as well as a Home, Away and Cup kit for their team. Each Kit is required to have a guernsey (front and back) shorts and socks, this all needs to be submitted to me before Sunday the 27th of January. It is worth reminding people that there are no bids for teams in this competition, if your stuff isn't in, you miss out!

In addition to your league side, you are also highly encouraged to submit an additional 'cup team', this is a separate club to your league side and just needs a single cup kit and original logo. These teams help to add a bit of extra flair to the cup and have been pretty successful over the years, so it is well worth your time. As this is a knockout comp I may need to cut a team to keep it even and even add a preliminary round to even out the numbers, this will result in the teams submitted later getting the rough end of the stick, so get your stuff in early!

In terms of locating and relocating clubs, they just need to be placed in a realistic sized city from a UEFA member nation. There can be multiple clubs in large centres like Paris, Rome or London, although moving somewhere a little more niche is always best as it can give your team a unique identity which tends to perform better in competitions on here.

I have created a simple visual to illustrate where things appear on your jumpers, that way I don't have to send out as many messages getting people to swap things around on their shorts this year. The only guideline that isn't explained on here is that you must have adequate contrast between your home and away kits.

The FIRA league logo must appear on all of your uniforms and can be found here in vector form and here for a png file. It is the same one that El_Scorcho designed last season so most of you will have it, but in case you don't or are new, the links are there.

A couple of little pieces on the submission process. Firstly, it would be greatly appreciated if you could place your team name the title of your PM when you send it to make it easy for me to find your stuff and secondly, make sure you send me the png link to your hosted image when you submit. Pretty much everyone does this stuff, but you get a couple of newbies in every competition so I may as well mention it.

Other than that, happy designing, can't wait to see your club teasers in this thread and your submissions in the New Year. Any questions or queries you have about anything to do with this comp can be PM'ed to me.
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