No Opposition Supporters Fire Up More than the Giants. Giants v Dogs Review.


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Jan 26, 2014
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Not sure why Dogs posters would be allowed in this thread with the on line history here it is just asking for a S#$@fight

LC outcoached again or maybe just errors from him in moving Greene out of the midfield and going into the game too tall, enough on that and some positives to get Kelly, MDB and Corr back in will be good and I think all were underdone and Kelly hasnt really played to his capability all year so hopefully he can turn it on for the last month of the season. I see this game as being a development game for the club and good to see Caldwell spend significant time in the midfield and getting game time into Hill, Sproule and Stein will be good going forward
A few tired players out their in Taranto, Tomlinson and Reid and I think it shows with the tackle numbers the last few weeks

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