Prediction First goalkicker, crowd and margin R4 v Pies

Fossie 32

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Oct 6, 2002
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Points will be awarded each week as below.
One point each for correct first Bulldogs goal kicker, nearest to margin and crowd.
One point for best name for the fixture / 'Cup'.
One point for best next day's Herald Sun back page headline.

One bonus point to winning margin section for correctly selecting a Dogs win if we win and one for exact margin.
One bonus point if the winner uses '16' in the predicted crowd number and one for getting within 100 of the actual crowd.


5 points: flamethrower
4 points: Mike
3 points: dogwatch
2 points: dogsfan,
1 point: Fossie 32, DogDays, grassman

Margin Nostradamus section:

10 points: flamethrower
9 points: Fossie 32
6 points: Doggies13
5 points: dogwatch,
4 points: Struggle, Wayne Stevenson, Jeff 1975, Floridog
3 points:Selim, mambavino, Randomthoughts, Kermit
2 points: Chicago1, jamesDP, Distinctive_
1 point: dogsfan, Boyd oh Boyd
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Sep 14, 2003
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Western Bulldogs
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LA Angels, Sharks
1st goal - Billy Gowers
Crowd - 54016
Margin - Dogs by 1

In the 'Centrelink Cup" (which will probably be stolen before it is presented to Easton).

Headline "Friday Night Grindr with Dickson Cox"

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Jun 16, 2008
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Western Bulldogs
Pies by 3pts

Headline: Bulldogs Rich-ards - Dog Red Ed turns Pies Ed Red


At the 'G the Pies love a good Yank,
They like to play with Cox,
I'll be watching a bit of Naughty,
Tonight on my idiot Box.

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