Query First Grade Football – Thoughts and suggestions

Lemon Boi

Nov 20, 2019
Sunny Queensland
AFL Club
Brisbane Lions
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North QLD Cowboys, Las Vegas Bears
The VFL/AFL has always been at the elite level, as in First Grade. So were state matches and the International Series.

Should these following eras also be considered First Grade?

VFA – 1877 to 1949 or 1960 (1950 throw-pass removed, 1961 split into two divisions)
SANFL – 1877 to 1990 (Adelaide Crows enter AFL in 1991)
WAFL – 1885 to 1986 (West Coast Eagles enter VFL in 1987)
Tasmania – ?

Under this consideration, Craig Bradley played 501 First Grade matches (98 for Port Adelaide, 19 for South Australia, 9 for Australia, and 375 for Carlton).

Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.

Cheers, Lemon Boi :lemon:

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