"FirstDogOnTheMoon is your friend"

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I think the loss to Carlton has officially pushed our comic drawing friend over the edge. We know what happened after the melbourne unspeakable game last year, maybe this time it's just too much.

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Mr Onthemoon, I know you are so very busy and important being our greatest living national treasure, but are you doing a weekly cartoon this year or are you too busy being the aforementioned greatest living national treasure and only filing cartoons sporadically? I only ask because there have been two rounds already and we have won both (!!) with flair and elan. Or are you simply too excited by it all to draw straight?

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Yesterday, a work colleague showed me his signed copy of FirstDogOnTheMoon's A Treasury of Cartoons, thinking that I would be impressed and go "wow, that is amazing" etc blah blah blah.

Instead I said, "oh, did I tell you that I have had beers with First Dog on two occasions?". Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....

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