Fixture may not come out until January or February

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Aug 27, 2014
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This is is the sort of stuff were need to know before handing over cash.

Not only do we not know how many home games we might get, we don't know what percentage we'd be able to attend, if there'll be a rotation, a ballot, etc.

It's just hand over the money now and we'll get back to you later.
There might be the approach from clubs that as we get closer to 2021 some of the restrictions on attending games if still reduced capacity is only members have a chance of going. That would give people reasons to still buy memberships.
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Jan 10, 2014
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Reckon they would not risk it with hotel quarantine meaning a case could come in even if no community transmission for months. Say a breach occurs and they travel to a packed MCG- would be asking for trouble.
Your right but the question still remains are the premiers going to realise that we have to live with the virus even if it means more deaths therefore everything back to normal or mass crowds will never be allowed again. Take the 500 person outdoor gathering limits in the last and final stage. That means events like the melbourne marathon will never be held again


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May 3, 2007
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This is to be expected. It's not like Covid has gone away, it will impact 2021 as much as it impacted 2020. The fixture will be drip fed in 4-6 game blocks just like this year.
Thats what I think will happen too.

South Australia was goin' through a lock down for 5-6 days.

And that one case occurred in a pizza place and yes I have walked past that Woodville pizza joint many times before.

In a way it was a fair season to a degree.

Will the AFL have that 22 game season next year? I don't know.

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Oct 23, 2018
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So I spoke to my club early last week about this and they said they had no idea when the fixture would come out but assumed it would be soon. So, I bought my membership as there wasn’t any date.

I coach junior footy on a Sunday so If we were to get early Sunday games 1:10pm in Victoria, I wouldn’t be able to go... this is why I need a fixture out so I can plan. It’s like buying tickets for the Olympics not knowing where and when they will be.

We were meant to go to Queensland October for weeks stay but that got cut because of COVID and we can use it as a credit next year. Our aim was to line it up with a Suns game at Metricon seeing I got two free passes at Metricon for pledging this year. I literally cannot so that if there is no fixture.

Also, I was planning to take my Dad up to Darwin for the Suns home game up there but again, with no fixture I CANNOT PLAN
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Mar 24, 2017
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Releasing game times monthly will have a significant negative impact on crowds.
It makes planing interstate trips impossible. You need more than a few weeks to arrange accomodation, flights and annual leave.
Even for home games, many including myself work weekend and try to arrange their work schedule around the footy.

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