Fantasy Fleaflicker - Big Footy Bowl 2022

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J Shuttlesworth

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Aug 6, 2012
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Ok here we go again, joining together in this league to celebrate our mutual fear of trading anything and having to have at least 3 rostered QB's when we can only play 1.

As always, as most of you know the league was revived after one of the great melts #keepbuckingpounding, so I'm not against putting anything up to a vote for change as long as it is raised quickly while we all finalise keepers and will have to be sorted prior to the draft starting.

Other than that, playoffs this year are set for Weeks 15-17.

We welcome both Constantgin and joop who have taken control of teams, I'm not sure which one is more Walmart yet, but I guess we will find out.

I think most of us have the 30 Keepers good to go, if we can all confirm over the weekend we can kick the draft off as soon as possible.

Remember: You can't go over the position limits during the draft, so please keep that in mind as much as you can when setting keepers & draft planning. Position limits are on the team page.

Will open free agency/waivers a day or so after the draft is complete.

Draft first round as it stands (🔒 Keepers Set);

1.1 - Winterfell Dire Wolves - GreyWind 🔒
1.2 - Dolla Dolla Bills - joop 🔒
1.3 - Constant TrashPandas - Constantgin 🔒
1.4 - BpG's Vandals - BeinPurplenGreen 🔒
1.5 - Til Valhall - J Shuttlesworth 🔒
1.6 - Hall of Famers - bgt2110 🔒
1.7 - Las Vegas Injury Cursed - manureid 🔒
1.8 - PowerHouse - A11dAtP0w3R 🔒
1.9 - Lucky Se7en - fuey 🔒
1.10 - Los Borrachos - Dixie Flatline 🔒
1.11 - Special Patrol Group - FootyPunk 🔒
1.12 - Local Knowledge - shiny_on_top 🔒

Good luck all, except fuey, have fun.
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Oct 18, 2013
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You'll be happy to know I remembered to leave roster space for 2 WRs this year so we wont have to worry about me asking you to cut one for me while drafting and me whinging when you say you cant.


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Sep 18, 2011
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Just one question, is this a live draft? If it is I assume it will be favourable to North American time zones ;)?

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