VFL Footscray 2022 Season

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The Unofficial Face of Bigfooty Bulldogs-NGA & VFL
Oct 9, 2011
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Western Bulldogs
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Chicago Bulls
Hello All,

Just an overall thread for people to track the VFL season

Out: Reuben Williams- Werribee


(All age requirements refer to the player’s age on January 1, 2022)


  • Increases to $220,000 for VFL standalones and $110,000 for AFL and aligned clubs.
  • Concessions of $10,000 outside the cap allowed for development coaches and $5000 for indigenous coaches.
  • Clubs must pay at least 90 per cent of the cap.

  • Primary list consists of all open age players
  • Development lists are made up of two categories:
  • Category A: NAB League or Northern Academy players who are still engaged in the talent pathway program, aged under 22.
  • Category B: Next Generation Academy graduates, alternative sport athletes or indigenous players of any age as long they have not made their VFL debut.
  • VFL standalone clubs can sign any player under 22 to their development list (no NAB League or Academy requirement).
  • VFL standalone clubs have 40 listed players (28 primary, 12 development).
  • AFL and aligned clubs have 30 listed players (15 primary, 15 development including maximum of 13 Category A).
  • Clubs can make a maximum of 16 changes to their list during the home-and-away season (6 primary, 10 development), with any player signed after June 30 needing to play three matches to qualify for the finals.

  • All clubs to field 23 players per match, comprising the following:
  • VFL standalone: A minimum of six under-22 players.
  • AFL and aligned: A minimum of seven under-22 players, including a 23rd man who must be an active 18-19yo player from the club’s development list, an aligned NAB League club or Northern Academy. Under-18 players must be approved by the AFL and a player cannot be named 23rd man more than four times in a season without approval.

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