2nds Footscray Bulldogs 2019 Thread

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Sep 18, 2018
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Western Bulldogs
As good as it is he’s playing well today, I’d hate for Gowers to get a look in for the finals if we make it. Just doesn’t offer enough with and without the ball.


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Jun 17, 2009
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I’m at the ground. Let me assure you that it is at least a 6 goal zephyr blowing in from the north towards the Geelong rd end. The ball did not enter the Coburg 50 metre arc once that quarter as a was of understanding the score.
It struck me reading your post that nobody born after about 1985 would know what these games were like and if they don't get along to suburban footy - especially games at VUWO - they still wouldn't get it. Most of the games they'd see now are under the roof or at the heavily enclosed MCG which never has a gale like the WO has.

I can remember being at many games at the Western Oval (as it was then) where the game was decided in the first quarter or even by the toss. You nearly always kicked with the wind in case it died out late in the day, as it tends to do. If you didn't have at least a 5 goal lead at quarter time you were in trouble.

We often played those games cannily. If we won the toss we could have 4-5 goals on the board half way through the first quarter before the visitors woke up, and then it was just a case of digging in and protecting the lead for the 2nd and final quarters, and hope to extend it in the third. Or if we lost the toss we could stack the defence, chip it around and play as wide as possible forcing lots of throw-ins and scrimmages. Anything to avoid open play and long kicking with the wind. If the visiting side was only up 2-3 goals at QT we were in with a huge chance. Then EJ would kick a barrel from 75m out ...

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