VFL Footscray Bulldogs vs Casey Demons, Whitten Oval 2:05pm 23/07

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Don't look at me like that
Dec 3, 2009
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Other Teams
Footscray Bulldogs, Williamstown
Obviously where players are named doesn't mean s**t with our VFL team. Bolded names are named as emergencies

B: J Sweet, Z Cordy, C Raak

D Bedendo, J Schache, A Hodge

A Jones, L Sullivan, L Hunter

L Butler, T O’Brien, L Vandermeer

T McLean, S Darcy, J Garner

S Martin, R Smith, R McComb

D Orgill, E Macpherson, J Gilbee, N Drummond, E Hunt

C Craig-Peters, K Stretton, L Goater, J Kellett, N Hamad, C Cormack, C Macisaac, W Lewis

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Wouldn’t be a bad idea playing Sweet out of the backline. Regardless of what he gives us defensively, it would be good for him to get his hands on the footy in open play and get the opportunity to compete in marking contests without having to sit under the ball. Could be good for his development.

Gives Darcy a continued run at the fwd/ruck role too.
Man Darcy is going to be absolutely incredible aerially, he’s much much better with a run at it rather than sitting in a pack (obviously, just due to body size) which is why I’d rather see him start back rather than forward.

Naughty and Darcy are going to wipe everyone in the air in a few years, going to be a real sight

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Darcy would struggle with the pace of AFL if he played next week, but the talent is there. You can definitely see what he'll become.
Also interesting to see Schache playing on-ball a bit. Maybe just trying to get him more time in and around the contest for if he gets another run as 2nd ruck.

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