Game Day Footscray v Richmond Whitten Oval 1:00pm 6 July 19 -no stream

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Charlie Pannam

Norm Smith Medallist
Aug 15, 2015
AFL Club
Baker was unlucky to be dropped from the seniors it’s good to see him responding the right way.
Whitten Oval is not a happy hunting ground for our VFL lads - 1-6 !!!


Premiership Player
Apr 27, 2014
AFL Club
Really glad we don't need RCD performing ATM as we would have in decades past, still has 1.5 years to build without too much pressure, really interested to see how things evolve from here.

Is he playing midfield with decent TOG? If so, his possession numbers point to disposal anxiety imo. He's finding ways to be second to the ball- bit like Tambo used to be when his disposal efficiency was under the spotlight, preferred to drop a step behind and tackle.

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