Footscray VFL 2021

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Brownlow Medallist
Jun 29, 2013
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Pretty impressive effort

Lipi, West, Buku very good

Schache didn’t get a lot of ball but kept pushing all night so kudos to him

Juh didn’t impress me on the night. Lazy and wanted to many over the back cheapies. The class is there but First game I’ve seen him play and some things I didn’t like.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 19, 2016
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Lipinski is the Bontempelli of the VFL. So far ahead of this standard it’s ridiculous.

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He is when there’s no pressure on. I like him but he needs to find a way to translate his class to AFl. We used to say similar about Lucas Webb at this level.
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Club Legend
Jun 26, 2016
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Was mauled for most of the game, can't imagine that so much would have gone unpunished with AFL standard umpiring.
I only tuned in for parts of the game but caught the last Qtr - didn't have any space to lead into. Would be easier at AFL level. On the flipside, he's still lightly built and smarter defenders could do a number on him early in his career.

Couldn't believe he wasn't paid that free on the siren. Right out of the textbook. i assume that was a similar case all night?

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