VFL Footscray vs Williamstown 2nd qualifying final

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Braybrook Son

Premiership Player
Jul 4, 2016
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
We had our chances but the umpiring in the 2nd quarter is some of the worst you’ll ever see. 4 out of 6 goals from free kicks and a 50

Boyd oh Boyd

Team Captain
Nov 29, 2018
AFL Club
Western Bulldogs
Disappointing, lots of dumb football today. Running ourselves into trouble and not reading the flight of the ball. Several times we had 3 Footscray players watching 1 Williamstown player go for the mark. Sweet especially needs to jump for it more. Won't blame our players for the free kicks though, that's all on the umps.

A lot of wingers (Cavarra, Roarke, Vandermeer, Gleeson and Boyd at least) and only Roarke really fits that position. Jong and Hayes would've helped. West would've helped inside as well.

Liked Gardner's first game back. Stats sheet won't show any of it but I thought his positioning was pretty good but that didn't have Rodda so he had an easy job. Trengove did his usual thing of looking great clunking some marks and good defensive and ruck work only to have one or two stupid mistakes that turn into goals. Young did everything well just needs to do more of it. Porter was solid.

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