TV Footy Classfied is Beoming a Joke

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Feb 8, 2010
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Good call! Fantastic call! Get rid of the journos call!
Shit post, constantly repeating yourself post, are you a parrot sitting on a post?

Sorry people, can't agree with the GT thoughts. From a West Australian POV, that guy has to be the biggest w***er in football. You kind of lose any credibility as a football personality when you criticise a bloke like Pavlich and say he's selfish bla bla bla.

He's just all talk, just like when he was a coach.

always right

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Aug 19, 2006
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Re: Footy Classfied is Coming a Joke

easy fix. Dump hutchy and put dermie on full time. Would be a much better show. Caro would be ok without hutchy there. And i thought dermie was really good when he filled in for garry.
Just what we need...yet another massive ego on the show pretending to be an oracle on all things football.....and in Thomas's case, anything related to the human species.

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