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Adelaide Hawk

Hall of Famer
Sep 21, 2002
AFL Club
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Not sure how you can say a team like the Bulldogs could "choke" if they lose a Grand Final. Most Dogs supporters would have been content with a prelim final (before we went to sh*t in rounds 21-23). Ridiculous for Cornes to keep hashing the point that he "doesn't mind when he's wrong" yet will refuse to admit so even when you can't call potentially losing a GF a "choke".
It's comforting to learn Cornes doesn't mind if he's wrong. He's turned being wrong into an art form.

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Minka Beaver

Club Legend
Feb 5, 2004
AFL Club
I love it when Caro talks about such riveting issues as the make up of the AFL Commission or the Rules of the Game committee. All that backroom stuff - give me more 😴
I know that if I tune in at the start of Grand Final week, then I definitely want to hear about who isn’t coaching Carlton.

I hope they eventually got around to the inconvenience of talking about the biggest game of the year - I changed the channel early on.

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