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1 This forum is for the discussion of Media issues in Australian Football. This isn't a place to abuse, troll or bag people. This also includes nicknames given to clubs.

2 A breaking of these rules could result in your removal from this board. It will almost certainly result in some form of infraction.

3 Thread titles should give a clear indication of the topic. Apart from not wasting users time it make Searching Titles more accurate.

4 Stay on topic. Derailing of threads is a no-no. Don't make it worse by continuing to go off-topic.

5 Do not post rumours - If you can not back up your statement with facts that can be substantiated or a link to an article etc, do not post it.

6 The same goes for defamatory comments. If these are posted you will be permanently banned from the Fourth Estate Board.

7 I encourage anyone who posts articles to read the site wide rules on how to post them. If you don't abide by the rules, then your post will be deleted.

Just to clear up any confusion on posting articles here is how you do it.

Put head line in as such:

Herald Sun closes down

Add link:

Insert part of article like this:

The Herald Sun will close down today after 5 years on the Melbourne market. Reasons cited were a lack of news and reporters.

Add your comment and then repeat again if you so desire. Do not post the whole article.

8 If you see a post that breaches the rules report it, don't quote it and respond. If you think a thread doesn't belong on the AFL board, report it. Don't post in the thread saying it should be on x board.

9 Don't quote an entire post if you are responding to a part of it. Edit out the irrelevant parts.

10 We don't need grammar teachers so leave out comments about spelling, sentence construction etc etc.

11 If a poster decides to create a new account to get around the block, the new account will be banned and the previous account infracted or banned as well.

12 Torrents, illegal live feeds, anything like that: any posting of links, or requests for links to be posted etc, will result in a card.

13 Under no circumstances are posters allowed to avoid the swear filter. This will in all cases reult in an infraction.

14 Spam. We don't like it. Do it and you'll get carded. We reserve the right to define exactly what constitutes spam too.

15 It is not ok to use the terms, "Crooked or "Bent" or whatever to describe a person or persons outside or inside of this forum. You shall be warned and then cop a serious infraction if you choose to do so.

grizzlym, LP and AM
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