Footy History Tours For Sale

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Apr 11, 2017
starts at Docklands Drive
AFL Club
Hi Folks,

I've set up a tour company that takes punters around some of the old VFL (pre-AFL) grounds (not the MCG, nor Geelong), while delivering a history of the whole game.
We start in the city & head down to Waverley Park, then Moorabbin etc. A morning tea happens at Whitten Oval & a lunch provided at the Grace Darling Hotel, site of the formation of the Collingwood Football Club.

Unfortunately, I haven't had any customers. To get customers I need to advertise, but my budget doesn't afford that, so I'm going to pass on what I have to someone who has the passion & vision to do something with this.

What do I have? Registered business name, arrangements with bus company & pub for lunches, fantastic logo, facebook page, twitter account that has received likes from Titus O'Reilly & Adam Cooney, 3 x very large short-sleeved business shirts with embroidered logo, 2 x white t-shirts with large printed logo (1L, 1 2XL), 1 large (A1? laminated sign of the logo & website), 150+pens with business name, 50 clipboards, footy history quiz with lots of questions (not just about the AFL), recordings about each ground visited, the history of the game typed out & ready to be delivered.

The main value besides the actual business name is the intellectual property which could be found by anybody with time & the ability to edit data, so what I am providing is mostly time. To prepare what I have with respect to the history & the quiz would take around 300 to 400 hours in my opinion.

I did have public liability insurance, but I let that lapse as I'm not running the tours any more.

I almost turned this into a virtual tour, but to be honest, I've run out of puff, & have lost the will to keep this going.

I'm not going to give this away, as I've put a lot of hours into this, but.....

Bottom line, I'm asking for $500 or nearest offer & this becomes yours.

PM me please and I'll happily meet you for a drink in a city pub where I'll show you the goods.

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