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Down at K Park

Norm Smith Medallist
May 18, 2016
AFL Club
Still got that pretend kangaroo there?
Yeah it’s still kicking around.

Watched a doco on a human crash test dummy in the 50's.
He lived longer than what you'd think.

Driving must of been a real skill then. I'd assume you'd have to advance the spark the same time as the throttle?
Bit like now how trucks are going all auto. Anyone can do it. Skill is gone.
Yeah there was definitely more too it to get, and keep it moving. Not like todays cars. And yeah i think the spark had to be advanced as you accelerated to keep the engine on the boil.

The old crash truck boxes would have been a bit of a black art. But i still wouldn’t want to be driving a b-double. Not with the amount of clueless morons on the roads these days. Especially the ones who keep looking at their phones, and drifting in and out of their lane because of it. See it all the time.


Brownlow Medallist
Jun 11, 2007
AFL Club
yep, figured it would be, but was hoping for a Geelong player in kit to be in the driver's seat :)

BTW it looks like they were a bear to drive
Yeah, too right. They still had some wrinkles to iron out in subsequent models. COMPLETELY unexpected Master of Puppets inclusion there, by the way. Rock on!! I wonder if that was part of the original broadcast?

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Not open for further replies.

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