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Brownlow Medallist
Oct 24, 2015
AFL Club
Ed was a gun over here, to put it in a Rossism his kicking was never as good or bad as it seemed
Mid way through 2019 Ed's kicks had the 3rd worst i50 retention rate in the AFL (at just 16.9%).

Interestingly Clayton Oliver was the worst with just 8.9%. Melbourne had the worst retention rate i50 of all clubs back then (not really that surprising they finished 2nd bottom that year).

It's pretty clear Melbourne have managed to get these guys playing to their strengths (and avoiding their weaknesses more) and improving their forward line considerably has helped a lot. They were second for i50 efficiency this year, 1st for tackles i50, 2nd for i50s, 3rd for marks i50. Pretty compelling reasons to improve our forward line and reap the rewards.



Matthew Pavlich Medallist
May 26, 2003
South Freo
AFL Club
Other Teams
SFFC, Aussie Women's Cricket, HNK
How do we feel about him winning a premiership?
Better than those who left to go to a ‘not-home’ state for the $$ (looking at you Mayne and Neale).
We’re always trying to attract WA players home, yet we collectively have a cow when a Vic player wants to go home. Not everyone is Pav or Mundy.
I loved Ed when he was here and I love his work ethic and gut-running, his goofy smile and his tongue hanging out when he’s concentrating. Would take him back, with pick 33, for Cerra. Immediate fills in the gaping hole he left behind. No need to chase a lesser player like Jordan Clark.

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