Rumour Former West Coast Eagles star Daniel Kerr has been charged with aggravated stalking and breaching a violence restraint order.

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May 2, 2006
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East Fremantle
There can now surely be no doubt that the 06 Weagles are the biggest bunch of dickheads ever assembled.

It's a certainty that half the team were on PEDs and I don't think we can rule out corruption, salary cap rorts or standover tactics with regards to umpires. I'm pretty sure I also saw a 19th man on the ground in the last quarter.

I think we all know there's only one logical course of action.
Barry Hall and his non-suspension says "Hi".

Dale Lewis' teammates and the 2012 gf squad say "High AF".

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You can't handle the truth...
Aug 16, 2020
Covid Central
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Of course having a skin full of pseudo-amphetamine sourced from prescription pseudofed is sooooo different from a shot of street sourced speed ........🙄

Where do people think terms like hillbilly heroine (Endone, Oxycontin, Tramal) and pseudoflash (Demazin, Pseudofed, Codeine based cough mixture)...come from?

The difference btwn 'Illicit' and ''Prescribed' is a piece of paper.
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Jun 27, 2012
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He pleaded guilty via video link to breaching family violence restraining order. Adjourned until the 14th of May

With a name like Michelle McAtackney I’m not surprised Kerr breached the family violence restraining order...


Norm Smith Medallist
Jul 14, 2008
Warragul, Victoria
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St Kilda
Yeah, you can definitely learn to recognise cocaine drug addicts by spending your day filling in prescriptions for rash creams and blood thinners for mainly old people behind the counter.
Ever heard of methadone?

pharmacists could spot a drug addict a mile away

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