Found ... TV of the 1963 GF third quarter

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you pick one

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Nov 7, 2010
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Also watching that last qtr - number 22 Goodland - he played well

Looking at that number - i cant place any good players in it - hope i havent missed some all time great - hah

But who has been good in number 22 for the Cats
Ken came to a sad end I knew his brother Tony he told me the story of Ken coming to Melbourne as a teenager to play in a serious tennis tournament and the night before Ken got on the piss lost all his gear racquet shoes the lot they sobered him up borrowed gear from other competitors and Ken went on to win the trophy.

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Jan 2, 2022
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I do have that same replay. And Rob is a brilliant video digitizer (Cineclair Productions) who follows the Cats.

Old footage such as this is always highly desired.
Bob Gartland has a few as well. I'm not sure if you ever visited his museum joe444 he collects anything and everything from that era of football.
[/QThanks for your kind words, I'm a born and bred Geelong boy (1953) and had the pleasure of working for Les Laver (a great bloke), both in Yarra St and Barwon Terrace and every week I'd see Bernie Smith come to Les's wholesale business, I also worked with Noel Rayson a very funny man. I'm trying to get as much old footage of the cats and VFL in general into the public domain on YouTube UOTE]
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