Free Agency/Trade Period 2020 - Oct 30th - Nov 12th

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Brownlow Medallist
May 1, 2016
AFL Club
He's a younger version of Liam Jones
Liam - despite some of the awful mistakes he makes sometimes - is a footballer. He plays with instinct, and is athletic, but he does read the game pretty well. Aliir needs to be lead to the ball, and while athletically is capable of the same thing Jones does does not possess the same read of the game or the positioning.

Jones makes blues because his skills don't match his read or his capabilities. Aliir makes blues because he read the situation wrong.


Jan 11, 2014
Beachmere, Queensland, Australia
AFL Club
I think Carlton have 2 more moves left tomorrow based on our list. I'm wrong more than I'm right, but hear me out.

I can't see list sizes changing on the last day of trade week which means We need an additional body on the list, and I don't think pick 78 cuts it.

1. I think we'll trade out Lachie O'Brien (maybe Collingwoods 39?)

2. Bring someone in with a future draft pick. Speculative... But maybe Constable from Geelong for a future 3rd/4th. It's possible we grab someone from the PSD but I'm not hearing anything

List Changes:

In: Williams, Saad, Fogherty, Pick 38, Pick 48, O'Brien Pick, Pick 78 (or something else)

Out: Simpson 💔, Kruezer 💔, O'Brien (?), Lang, B. Silvagni, McCreadie, O'Dwyer


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