Free Agency/Trade Period 2020 - Oct 30th - Nov 12th

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Dec 28, 2007
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'The Afl allowing these picks to be used....has nothing to do with a trade being reputable and getting the tick from the AFL'


This is entirely the AFL's doing. I think the Crows have gotten in early and managed to get SOMETHING out of those picks.

What did they get ? Freo's 2021 pick #66 lol

Its clear as day this is a moving of picks to facilitate something back later after bids have been made.

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Nov 13, 2015
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As far as i can see the crows last pick with points attached now are #40
they also have Academy kids that might need points for matching , What happens now if say picks in the 40's & 50's are bid on them ?

they go into deficit for next year ? Still ask the question
General rule of thumb, if a player drifts into that range, no one bids, point in case Waterman. This year moreso given the draft will end after about 50 selections

JSOS, was bid on in the 50's but that was more theatre

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