Toast Fremantle Board MVP - Congrats Dale147

Who is the 2021 Freo Board MVP

  • Imperial Purple

  • Waytogo_

  • Dale147

  • Halfbaked

  • Ysaye

  • Purple_turtle

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Club Legend
Jun 27, 2020
AFL Club
Other Teams
Cool Runnings
How is this not first prize? 😱

Who needs a stupid sticker under their name telling everyone how much they are loved anyway???

Seriously - nice job Dale147. Very well deserved - your article posts are bloody brilliant, esp for tight-arses like myself who refuse to hand over a single cent to that rag. You are the epitome of a person of, and for, the people. 🥇🥇🥇

(🥈 pour moi because winning gold isn’t everything!)
I have a sticker telling everyone how little I contributed to a Roys match discussion. I'm quite proud of that one! Lol

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Club Legend
Aug 1, 2016
AFL Club
My personal thanks to Dale147 too - a real community service and delivered so selflessly. There a huge number of times I am blocked out by a firewall only to have these articles laid on a plate.
Yep agree i don't live in Perth which means i dont have access to those articles through a paywall and relying on someone posting them on here.

Thanks Dale147

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