Strategy Fremantle Dockers Next Generation Academy

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Feb 14, 2018
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West Coast
Unfortunately this weekend's game has been cancelled due to extreme weather and is unlikely going to be rescheduled. The third and final fixture wont be until April as a Curtain raiser before the Derby.
Jun 17, 2007
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Born overseas with both parents born overseas.

The full story, he was born overseas to Filipino parents. Biological father ran off before he was born. He got to Australia when he was 6, pretty sick with chest issues, a whole 16.3kg and no English. I took him down to Auskick in Yr 2 so he could make some friends, learn some English and most of all build some strength and lung capacity. Luckily, we then lived down at South Beach a few doors down from a young Nat Fyfe so he got to have a kick and meet him when I was teaching him how to kick (Kurt, not Nat) on Wilson Park. Obviously he's bled purple and been a member of Freo FC ever since.

Has all the natural talent in the world (I could see that when he was playing basketball at 3) but no endurance .... slack 13 year old. He did the AFL combine testing as part of an invite only Rising Stars academy (11 - 15 yo) last year as a 12 year old and got in top couple for standing vertical leap 49cm (2nd), running jump left foot 68cm (1st), right foot 57cm (2nd) and agility 8.45 secs (1st) despite being one of the younger ones. We've never pushed him (he's still 13!) but it's all up to him now. We've all seen hundreds with the natural talent bomb out who don't have the drive or want to do the hard work. That'll be the difference between whether he plays WAFL or AFL. Sorry too much info there!
Thanks for sharing Hoss. Never too much positive information for Bigfooty Freo! Best of luck, look forward to updates. It is obviously a long journey and the key to it all is enjoying your footy as mentioned. Sounds like he has the athletic capacity which seems to be the primary priority for recruiters these days.
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