Competitions Fremantle Forum Tipping 2021

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Sep 10, 2015
AFL Club

Fremantle forum tipping is back!!! Join up and test yourself against the best, most knowledgeable supporters in the league to find out who is the most knowledgingest of all!!!


How do I join?

Go Here to join:

Enter your tips here:

What do I win?

You need more aside from knowing you are the most knowledgingest of all supporters?

1st place will get a shiny badge to prove their superiority, and a BigFooty Premium Platinum Membership for a year

What are the rules?

Tip winners. Don't tip losers. Missed tip is an away team tip.

Tie-breaker is the margin of the first game of the round.

End of season tie-breaker is on count back: the person who tipped the most wins in round 23 wins the tie. If not, go back to round 22 and so on until all ties are broken.

Have fun everyone and let me know if you have any questions or issues with joining.

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