Preview Fremantle v Geelong 2.35 pm Saturday Aug 3 2019 Optus Stadium

Square Peg

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Jul 20, 2014
Fremantle WA
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From the pen of Chris Scott Fitzgerald:

The Great Catsby

Your hero, let’s call him Tim Kelly for short, a young man from the heart of Fremantle, moves interstate in the summer of 2017 to learn more about this football business. He lands in a waterside but unfashionable area populated by cashed up bogans, a group who have made the grand final a few too many times too recently and are prone to garish displays of success, like Brownlow medals, premiership cups and the like. Tim finds himself living close to a mysterious bloke who throws extravagant parties nearly every Saturday night where “We are Geelong” is sung with gusto by the invariably victorious partygoers….

Ah, feck it. Taking my cue from Tonga Bob and his classic Edgar Allan Poe parody, I was thinking of constructing this preview as a witty rewrite of the Great Gatsby. It was going to be great. Tim Kelly eventually realising that chasing his dream of premiership success is tainted by crass teammates like Patrick ‘Daisy’ Dangerfield and Tom ‘Tom’ Hawkins, returns humbled to his Fremantle roots, acknowledging that by joining the Dockers his dreams of success are over, yet content that at least he is now keeping it real.

And then I worked out

  • I can’t really write
  • Shane Kersten just walked out on our club, like their club, so the anti-Kersten Cup has more of a zing to it
  • No one was seriously going to believe Tim Kelly was coming back to Freo
  • The only reason I signed up to do this preview in the first place was cause I really hate Geelong, and I had predicted they would have fallen to around 15th on the ladder this season and we would be in the eight and ready to crap all over their pissant little club with its ugly captain and bellyacher coach….
So now I am feeling like Myrtle Wilson with a broken nose and realise I have been taunting the wrong team and my idea for some sort of witty preview is out the window.

So on to the game:



Last time we met, who can forget?
Post game Ross Lyon told us he could have stopped them kicking 23 goals in a row, he just chose not to. Another Ross classic :

The key players:

Freo: Back in the day, we beat Geelong in a few big games because we had bigger and better rucks. We still have better rucks, it’s just we are playing them all in the same team, at the same time, against fast nimble skilful blokes and it isn’t working. Please don’t do it again Freo.

Geelong: If Mark Blicavs can stop staging for frees he will be $1000 richer this week. If Joel Selwood can stop staging for frees he will not be true to himself. They have a few other blokes that can play a bit. If we were a serious chance of making this game competitive I would give it some serious thought, but they are going to pummel us.

Prediction: Geelong by plenty.

So we beat on, boats against the current, or some such garbage

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Norm Smith Medallist
Apr 26, 2011
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Freo could all stoecly put their collective heads into a bus & fill it full of exhaust fumes. As long as ross is there to go down with the ship. We could start again..


Premium Gold
Apr 25, 2011
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We all pencilled this in as a loss - and possible thrashing at the start of the year (well, maybe not the op), so there is no surprise waiting for us at the end of this match - unless we actually win.

I think a 3 goal loss would be reasonable (doesn't mean I'm happy with any loss) given that we don't have a nimble chf and have the turning circle of the Titanic with Lobb and a resting ruckman, plus Fyfe looked lackluster last week, no guarantee he is 100% yet after that infection hospitalised him.


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Sep 22, 2011
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12 months since that annihilation in Geelong. Prepare for the second edition at home.

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Apr 7, 2010
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Crows did us by a 100 in the wet in 2017.

The line should be at least 8 goals.
Oh yeah we're getting spanked no matter what, I just want to stay out of the record books this time.

Good to see Carter finally in. That’s it really.

I'm happy we've finally rested Wilson, so I have two things.


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Jun 26, 2013
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Carter should see plenty of the ball. Looking forward to seeing him in action. Hope hes been given licence to go.

E Shed

Fremantle Obsessive
Sep 10, 2006
Perth WA
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yeah with the team we're putting out I'm revising my estimate to eleventy kazillion to the power of 2.
Going to be hard to watch.


Norm Smith Medallist
May 31, 2012
AFL Club
yeah with the team we're putting out I'm revising my estimate to eleventy kazillion to the power of 2.
Going to be hard to watch.
But is there a genuine attempt to be competitive? Surely anyone with half a football brain would see a side capable of only 4-6 goals and a Geelong side worth 12-26.

How do the crumbers crumb when they're going to have to eat magic beans and climb the Geelong beanstalk? It's a structural washout and 6mm of rain wouldn't convince the Pope the savior will return.

We'd have to be tanking, unless there's something I can't see.

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