Women's Footy Freo AFLW BF POTY 2021

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Team Captain
May 11, 2015
AFL Club
Other Teams
Ipswich Town FC, Leeds Rhinos
5. Bowers
4. Sergeant
3. Pugh
2. Miller
1. K Antonio

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Wow - two people responded and both had Sergeant. I thought she was a liability and worst player on the park. Her head down hack it out of the goal square approach was a large part of the pressure we were under. She’d be the first player up for a spell on the sidelines if I was picking next weeks team.

Struggling for votes to be honest, but maybe:

Miller - 5
Pugh - 4
Bowers - 3
Roux - 2
Cuthbertson - 1


Aug 17, 2020
AFL Club
Difficult this week for almost the precise opposite reason as the last couple of weeks.

5. Bowers
4. Pugh
3. Miller
2. Sergeant
1. Roux

I really rate Cuthbertson, but I can't be giving her any votes this week. She spent half the game off her feet.

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