Autopsy Freo kick Melbourne out of finals contention. Freo d Melb rd 16

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Aunty Allikat
May 13, 2014
at the footy
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Autopsy thread. What's your positives and negatives?

I only watched 1/2 this game unfortunately but for me:

we won!
sonny is such a beautiful footballer
we have some great kids up and coming
hogan getting in on the action

tabs streak is done
i didn't get to watch the wet tshirt comp

Vote for your MVP:
Changes rd 17 v Norf:

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Club Legend
Aug 20, 2010
Perth, Western Australia, Australia
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So many great performances, Cerra, Brayshaw, Walters, Serong, Acres, Fyfe, Ryan, Duman, Cox, Hughes, Wilson, Mundy were the pick of the bunch. Great effort from Darcy and Crowden. Aish was ok.

Most happy about Acres and Cerra.

Tabs really down the last two games though. Hogan is building, but so many of his games have been in the wet, feel for him. Had good moments with his marking and the smother.

Frederick was largely unsighted till the final second.

Loving your work JL. You've got two lines humming brilliantly and the third is trying to get to the required level. Get this forward line going and Freo are going to be flying.
Very excited to see Sturt, Young, Pearce and Logue add a further dimension to the team.

And thank Christ they learned how to play wet weather football.

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Brownlow Medallist
Sep 19, 2004
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No winners in our forward line but plenty everywhere else around the ground but the reality is that Melb aren’t great.

It wasn’t pretty and due to our forward line misfiring it was frustrating to watch as a supporter but a win is a win.

Reckon we played better last week.

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