Freo to show Adelaide who's the boss (or spooner)

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Norm Smith Medallist
Sep 29, 2003
AFL Club
J Lo’s first win. First win for Sturt, Young, Serong. A landmark moment no matter how ugly it was
Yeah, fair. To be honest, forcing myself to look at the positives here and break my current mood:

* Logue was incredible. Loved his game. Almost graceful even. Brilliant game
* Brayshaw and Cerra both put in solid performances
* Mundy lifted us in that last quarter
* Serong showed some promise
* Sturt was impressive
* Darcy had his best game of the year and won the ruck battle.
* Lobb and Taberner starting to gel a little.
* Young, whilst not reaching his heights of last week, continued with promise!

Ok, definitely promise there. Not amazing but it's something to work with.

Oh and Owen can f*** right off
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